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Sled Ventures FAQ Page
Sled Ventures Snow Mobile Rentals of Lincoln, NH LLC
  • What do you offer?
    We offer guided snowmobile tours in New Hampshire.
  • Who can ride?
    Ages 5 to 105 are all welcome! Passengers must be able to sit on the back seat independently and hold onto the handles. We generally recommend at least 5 yrs.or older and to put hand warmers in their gloves and boots up to about 12yrs. of age.
  • How old do I need to be to drive?
    16+ with a valid driver's license (not a learner’s permit) and a parent or guardian, or 18+ without.
  • What to wear?
    Dress in layers, while we provide gear (helmet, jacket, pants, boots (NOT gloves)) it is on a first come first served basis.
  • Never snowmobiled...can we do it?
    YES, we teach people how to ride every day.
  • What will I need to rent?
    A valid driver’s license, a major credit card with up to $1000.00 available and an attitude that you are about to have the best time of your life...
  • Do you charge my card in advance?
    Yes, we charge you at the time of the booking. Also, our rates include a 5% Reservation Fee, which is non-refundable.
  • Do you charge the deductible in advance?
    Guided tours NO, Unguided-YES, we will photo copy your license and credit card with a $1000.00 deposit signed for.
  • I do not have a major credit card can I still rent?
    Yes with a CASH deposit.
  • Do damages occur often?
    NO, 1 in every 100, Examples and approximate prices of the more common things: Tail light lenses {$15.00} Tail light assembly {$70.00} Windshields {up to $160.00, on the new snowmobiles} A arms {$350.00} Front bumper {$85.00}
  • Is snowmobiling dangerous?
  • Should I go Guided?
    If there is any doubt, Yes, our guides areprofessional, friendly people, you will travel much further and safer, they love to ride and share their riding experience with you.
  • Unguided?
    - Only if you really know how to ride, repair, and get around onyour own. Our intermediate riding level is the perfect compromise. We do not offer unguided at the moment.
  • Does it get cold?
    Yes, I have seen days go as low as -30, That's a 3 layer day for me, it's common to be around 20, but we are in New England and the weather can change from the bottom of the mountain to the top ofthe mountain quite dramatically.
  • Do we ride when it's snowing?
  • Can a child ride on the back?
  • Is there a weight limit?
    Yes, no more than 375 lbs combined.
  • Can I drink/ drugs prior to or while out on tour?
  • What kind of snowmobiles do you rent?
    Currently most of our fleet are SkiDoo 600 ACE 4-stroke20. How soon should we be there before the tour starts? Beginners should give 40 min, while intermediate 30 minutes.
  • How fast will we go?
    A beginner tour can travel anywhere from 5 to 20mph, Intermediate may hit trail speeds, which is 45 mph max.
  • How long are the tours?
    We give approximate times 1 hr., 2hrs, etc...,but depending on speed and trails traveled mechanical failures,accidents.....etc. we strongly recommend allowing a wide range of time forthat day.
  • How big are the tours?
    Generally, no bigger than 5 sleds to a guide, unless it's a private group or corporate function.
  • Must I wear a helmet?
  • Can I bring my own Helmet?
    Yes, as long as it is a Double shielded DOT certified. No bicycle or ski helmets allowed. We clean our helmets withsteam and chemicals after each use, and we also sell "head socks".
  • Can we bring food or beverages?
  • Can we switch drivers?
    No, as it can dramatically slow a tour down to the beginning speed.
  • Should I know hand signals?
    No necessary. It's also fun to learn them ahead of time.
  • How far apart should we travel on the trail?
    We recommend at least5 sleds apart and 1 sled length when completely stopped. Snowmobiles havea tendency to slide when brakes are applied abruptly.
  • Where can you ride on a snowmobile?
    Any marked trail in NH.While this gives you a rough idea of what you need to know or expect, donot hesitate to call us at SledVentures to further assist you with one of themore adventurous days you'll ever have!
Sled Ventures Snowmobile Rentals, Lincoln, NH


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