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We advise you to not book for Christmas and New Years until we are
open and running. Facebook is the best way to find out first hand.






  • Please remember, all drivers must be at least 16 years of age, bring

a valid driver’s license (not a permit; international licenses are OK)
and have a credit card to leave on file at the time of the rental.


  • Arrive at least ½ hour before your reserved tour time. Be aware of

weather and plan accordingly. We cannot guarantee service to late
arriving groups. If you haven’t already, we strongly recommend
staying at one of the local hotels.


  • All tour duration times and departure times are approximate.

Please be flexible with your schedule!  We reserve the right to
change any reservation due to equipment failure, damages, or any
other reason! Also, we do not switch drivers, when a double
snowmobile is rented. Safety first link (coming soon)


  • Emergencies occur from time to time – our procedure is to shut

down and to reset, so we ask you remain flexible with your schedule.
Remember, if it were to happen to you or a family member, you
would appreciate the same attention.


  • A nonrefundable 3% Special Use Fee is applied to all transactions.

All gear and gas are included. Exceptions: When renting daily, you
pay your own gas. We have a 72-hour cancellation policy, if you need
to cancel, change or reschedule your appointment.

Sled Ventures Important Guidlines
Sled Ventures Important Guidlines Page
Sled Ventures Snowmobile Rentals, NH
We  now feature  600 and 900 ACE Ski-Doo's
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Sled ventures Snowmobile Rentals of lincoln, NH LLC
Sled Ventures Important Guidlines
Sled Ventures Important Guidlines Page


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